What are Compassion Projects?

Compassion Projects are often short term or one of a kind projects or events that fulfill a specific need.  Sometimes, a Compassion Project may occur annually for a specific period of time.
One example of a Compassion Project is the mobile food packing event.  The purpose of this type of event is to involve the community in packaging meals for malnourished and starving children around the world.  Recipients of these meals could be children in places such as Africa, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, etc.
Another Compassion Project is our annual Run/Walk for Hunger 5K.  The proceeds from this event go towards helping our local food agencies feed the impoverished in our community.
Past Compassion Projects include work done in Cambodia to set up an earth block making machine to build a pastors’ training center for bible education.  During one of the visits while working on this project, a well was installed to prevent people from drinking contaminated water.
Sometimes, because of the nature of the situation, it may be necessary to donate to a specific natural or man-made disaster.  This can help raise immediate awareness of the plight of the affected people.  Keep in mind, however, that the most immediate response to a disaster is provided by having resources available beforehand.  The best way to do this is to donate directly to WCN’s ongoing Disaster Relief Fund.