Hurricane Irene

So far this year, it has been a year of severe and highly unusual weather resulting in tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, and flooding. In May we partnered with Rural Compassion to provide tornado relief funds to victims in North Carolina working through Raleigh Christian Community Church. Joining forces with Tim Grisham Ministries in Tipton, IN and with Faith World Outreach Ministries in Mishawaka, WCN sent over 25,000 lbs of supplies to Concord, Alabama. Supplies that included canned vegetables, bottled water, hygiene kits, and Family-to-Family food boxes aided victims near the devastation in the Tuscaloosa area. Moreover, in May, WCN responded to the horrific tornado that killed 156 people and left over 10,000 homeless in Joplin, Missouri. For our initial response and assessment, we staged our 70,000 watt generator in Joplin for possible use along with some limited supplies such as Family-to-Family food boxes and flood buckets. Working with the Warsaw community, local merchants, and Metzger Trucking, WCN drove a tractor-trailer full of nonperishable food, personal care products, and cleaning supplies to Joplin. While working with a local Joplin church, College Heights Christian Church, WCN sent four work teams of volunteers to Joplin. The volunteers helped stage and distribute food and supplies to victims. The volunteers also worked side by side with residents to clear debris from their houses and yards. As a donor of WCN, your resources are essential in enabling us to respond quickly to the trauma and suffering caused by these severe weather catastrophes. We rely upon you to help us have an ongoing emergency relief fund from which we can immediately withdraw resources to respond within hours of a disaster. Thank you for donating to Disaster Relief.