We respond to natural or manmade disasters or poverty by working through a local church or sometimes through a faith based organization.  World Compassion Network assists a local church in reaching out to victims in their community by providing experience, equipment, and relief supplies.  We have responded to hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, famine, earthquakes and tsunamis, and war on the continents of North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.


Recent relief projects
Hurricane Eta - Honduras Help

We are thankful our Honduran church partners are on dry ground!!! This weekend with the help of your donations and prayers, WCN sourced large amounts of food to help feed these suffering communities. This has become a larger challenge as travel to San Pedro (supplies) has been cut off by the flooding. Food and gas is becoming more difficult to find and many of the people cut off from travel by the river have not eaten for days. These families will be our focus through Pastor Arqui for the next several days. Thanks for your ongoing prayers and donations, we will be purchasing another load of relief supplies today or tommorow. More updates coming.

November 2020

Hurricane Laura - Serving in Lake Charles

We took supplies and helped clean up.  Watch the video for an update of our 3 trips. 

Thank you so much for your support!

Cambodia Flooding

In the midst of political turmoil in the USA, the pandemic and multiple hurricanes along the gulf coast, news comes to us about another disaster halfway around the world. In the country of Cambodia, 60,000 homes, over half a million acres have been flooded affecting 250,000 people. 24 people have died and tens of thousands forced to flee their homes, because of prolonged heavy rains made worse by a tropical storm. Nearly 8,000 families have been evacuated.

Since 1978 WCN has had a long relationship with Cambodia when our founder, Joe Wilkey, began working there on relief projects and developed a long standing relationship with Dr. Moses Samol Seth of Agape International Missions and University. Through Dr. Moses we have responded to several disasters in the country over the years. We also worked with him to build housing and schools for children rescued from sex trafficking in Cambodia.

September 2020

Responding in Warsaw!

Even in the midst of the current situation with Hurricane Laura, local needs in the Warsaw area still exist. Our own Warsaw Retired Tigers Apartments received a food delivery recently that wouldn’t adequately sustain the residents for the next 2 months. The WCN team responded to the request by delivering 400 lbs of food to them. We are also grateful that we were able to help Warsaw Retired Tigers earlier this year with a shortage of supplies because of the Covid-19 outbreak. Your ongoing donations help us continue to serve people in need.

August 2020

No Mission Team? 

Although our team could not go on the scheduled mission trip to Honduras this week, they are praying each day this week for the impoverished communities we serve. Over the past 8 week our goal has been to help provide food relief for the church plants and their surrounding communities. Our home church WCC has generously partnered with WCN to help meet that goal. We have been able to source/supply food, and more importantly shine God's light in this dark time. So as we lift up the families and communities around El Progreso in prayer, know that we are working on the ground as well through the local churches to meet physical needs. It is a beautiful picture of Christ when the local church can rise up, meet needs and show love in the midst of difficult circumstances. Together, both in prayer and deed, we are the church!!! Keep those prayers flowing!!!!

July 2020  

Disaster Relief Ukraine

WCN loaded a sea container with 16,000 lbs of winter clothing bound for Ukraine. The clothing will provide relief to the suffering people displaced by the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia.

WCN began a relationship in 2014 with the suffering in Ukraine through New Life Christian Church and World Outreach here in Warsaw. Since the start of that relationship, WCN with support from New Life, has shipped over a half million fortified rice meals and 45,000 lbs of winter clothing to Ukraine. Thank you to New Life and to our dedicated volunteers who made filling this latest container possible. Please pray for the suffering in Ukraine. Thank you & blessings! 

Click here to see a short video of the container loading.                            June 2020

Midland, Michigan Flooding

In May of 2020 the Midland, MI area recieved over 7" of rain which caused 2 dams to give way.  WCN partnered with Mark Barclay Ministries and Living Word Church to reach out to the thousands of the families suffering because of flooding.

We provided supplies to the church work teams and worked with the teams cleaning out houses. We also provided food to help support the feeding operation of our partner Tim Grisham Ministries. Most houses we went to were completely devastated with nothing salvageable. Most people do not have flood insurance so they have to start completely over.   


Click here to see a video about the difference your donations make. 

May 2020

Cookville, TN

Greg and Tyler traveled to Cookeville, Tennessee to help victims of overwhelming flooding. Thanks to Rusty Gabbard and Dave Allbritten for volunteering to help and traveling with us! In the 5 days they spent there, they successfully;
-Spent time talking and praying with victims of the tornado
-Delivered over 2,500 pounds of relief supplies to a local church
-Cleaned up storm debris from several houses
-Assisted with the local Emergency Management Agency helping volunteers clean up the town.
-Searched through debris to find valuable possessions of those that lost their home.
-Made a permanent impact in showing the love of Jesus to those that needed help in a dark time.

World Compassion Network strives to show the love of Jesus to people that desperately need it. Through your prayers, support, and donations we are able to physically respond to these disasters and together make a spiritual impact that will last for eternity. Because of your continued support, many people now have a safe place to sleep tonight. Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus!

Puerto Rico Relief

Puerto Rico was hit by a series of devastating earthquakes in January 2020, taking thousands of people out of their homes and forcing them to sleep in shelters and on the streets. WCN was able to be put in contact with Ramon Munoz, a pastor in Puerto Rico of the Pentecostal Church of Jesus Christ Mission International. Pastor Ramon is a friend of a pastor we helped in 2017 with 2 containers of relief supplies following the destruction of Hurricane Maria. WCN’s initial response is helping Pastor Ramon and the locals with financial aid as we continue to assess the situation.

Through continued support from all of you, we were able to send funds that were used to purchase tents, cots, and blankets for people to sleep in. Along with cooking supplies and water to those living in the streets currently.

Albanian Earthquake

Thanks to all of your support, WCN was able to provide Media 7 (a local Albanian evangelistic radio/TV station) financial support to purchase relief supplies, provide aid, and spread the Gospel. Media 7 is doing very important work in Albania as most of the local population is Muslim. Thank you all so much for your continued support and allowing WCN to work where the Lord wants us! Please continue to pray for Media 7 as they serve, and for the victims of this devastating earthquake.

Hurricane Michael
California Wildfires

Many fires have been raging recently in central, southern, and northern California. Very dry conditions and fierce winds are resulting in new fires and rapidly spreading fires. The Kincade Fire in Sonoma County in northern California has burned over 75,000 acres and is currently only 45% contained. 266 structures have been destroyed so far including 133 homes; about 156,000 people are still under evacuation orders.

A trusted faith-based partner of WCN is Hope Crisis Response Network (HCRN). They have been on the ground in Sonoma County responding and providing relief to victims through a large number of church partners in the area. They are skilled in getting the right resources to the right people in the right places. WCN is financially supporting HCRN in their relief efforts and with prayer. Relief efforts will take a long time, and many people are suffering from the trauma of this current fire and from fires two years ago.

Hurricane Florence
Hurricane Florence.jpg

Hurricane Florence was a powerful and slow moving hurricane that caused catastrophic damage in the Carolinas in September 2018 primarily as a result of freshwater flooding. Florence dropped a maximum total of 35.93 inches of rain, and coupled with a large storm surge widespread flooding resulted.  The WCN team delivered 10,000 lbs of relief supplies to the suffering in North and South Carolina.  The team unloaded the relief supplies at Christ Central Ministries in Columbia, South Carolina. Area churches were able to pick up supplies to distribute as needed in their local areas.  We also connected with Crossroads Alliance and Ministries to help deliver some loads out of a staging area in Florence SC. Relief supplies from WCN included non-perishable food, hygiene products, flood bucket clean up kits, and miscellaneous cleaning supplies.

Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey made landfall on August 17, 2017 devastating Houston and many surrounding communities in Texas. An estimated 27 trillion gallons of water fell during the hurricane and is looking to be the most expensive in U.S. history, surpassing Hurricane Katrina at nearly $200 billion in damage. World Compassion Network worked with several churches and agencies to bring aid to victims of this disaster. Over the course of 2 months, we sent 175,000 lbs. of relief items that reached thousands of victims and families in Houston and surrounding communities. We were able to support and strengthen several churches that are now the body of support to these communities. 

Hurricane Irma

On September 10, 2017, Hurricane Irma hit the Virgin & Caribbean islands before entering into Florida and other eastern Atlantic states. At one point, it was the strongest recorded Atlantic Hurricane while traveling outside the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico, but weakened into a Category 3 as it made its way into the Florida mainland. World Compassion Network worked with several churches in the Jacksonville area to distribute roughly 40,000 lbs. of relief supplies to communities all over Florida. 

Hurricane Maria

Hurricane Maria pummeled through Puerto Rico on September 20, 2017 as a category 4 storm. It completely destroyed the power infrastructure, several hundred homes, and left its citizens struggling to find clean drinking water and access to electricity. Several months after the Hurricane, Puerto Rico is still %50 without power and struggling to rebuild after the devastating storm. World Compassion Network, with our partners Crossroads Alliance, of Ocala Florida, sent three sea containers of 100,000 lbs. of relief supplies to help aid victims in the area of San Juan and surrounding communities. 


In March of 2014, the Russian Parliament agreed to the annexation and invasion of the Southern Ukraine’s Crimea following several months of protest between Ukrainian and Pro-Russian loyalists. Since the annexation there has been constant conflict along the eastern border of Ukraine and Russia, trapping communities and families in the warzones for several years. World Compassion Network has been involved for several years now to help bring relief to these families. In August of 2015, we sent a container of 272,000 fortified rice meals, helped fill a container of clothing in June of 2017, and just recently helped provide clean water systems and relief supplies to over 2,200 prison inmates that are trapped in these conflict zones. We are consistently monitoring the conflict in these areas, and working with our partners to continue bring aid to these victims. 

Past  Projects
  • Ecuador Earthquake, 2016 

  • Hurricane Matthew, North Carolina, 2016

  • Flooding - Eureka, Missouri, 2016

  • Earthquake, Nepal, 2015

  • Syrian Refugee Crisis, Germany, 2015

  • Howell Hill Tornado, Tennessee, 2014

  • Typhoon Haiyan, Philippines, 2013

  • Moore, Oklahoma Tornadoes, 2013