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We are so excited about our 2020 Mission trips.  As an organization we know the transformative power of serving others.  It changes the villages where we work as well as those willing to step out in faith and serve.  It is Romans 12 in action and it is a constant reminder of God's faithfulness in our lives as we pursue the things so central to His heart.  All of our trips are focused on one primary goal and that is to empower and lift up local churches/pastors so that they can share the loving Gospel of Christ.   We do this through many different approaches, including church building, sustainability projects, food distributions/ evangelism, and pastors conferences.  


We know from experience the fears and anxieties that can accompany stepping out in faith and going on a missions trip.  We also know how God works in the lives of those who make this decision to serve the poor.  If God is putting at missions trip on your heart we want to be the ones to encourage you go!!!  If you have any questions or concerns or if you just need us.

2021 Honduras Missions Trips 
To Be Determined.
Please emial: 
for more information.

Need more information about mission trips? Click the button below to get answers to common questions. Ready to sign up? Go here to get all the details.

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