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What will we be doing?

Our primary goal in our missions work is to empower and support local churches to share the Gospel.  We do this in many ways including food distributions, building projects, sustainability projects and pastors conferences.  All of our work is designed to help establish relationships between the local church and the surrounding communities.   

Do I need any special skills?

The only special skills required is a willingness to serve.  


Can children go?

At WCN we offer a variety of mission trips which serve in a variety of locations.  Certain locations are more challenging and include more risks than others.  A general guideline for the majority of our trips is 12 years of age when a parent is present.   



What are living conditions like?

Conditions vary depending on the trip and location.  Typically, we work in difficult areas, but stay in clean safe hotels.    


Do I need any shots?

Vaccinations and medications are discussed in detail at our trip orientations.  We follow the recommendation of the CDC but ultimately you should consult with your general practitioner.  Typical vaccines and meds include up to date Hepatitis A, Typhoid and Tetanus.  Meds include an Anti-Malaria. 


When do you need my money?

The payment schedule is attached to each trip sign-up packet.  The payment schedule varies depending on the trip you choose. 


How do I sign up?

Simply click on this button:

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