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Vulcan De Fuego Erupts in Guatemala

On Sunday, June 3rd, "Volcan de Fuego", or Volcano of Fire, erupted in Guatemala just 30 miles west of the capital city.

So far there have been over 60 deaths recorded, thousands evacuated, and it has affected almost 2 million civilians in all surrounding areas.

World Compassion Network is thankful to partner with Guatemala Evangelistic Medical Servants (G.E.M.S.), of Winona Lake, IN, and sending our Disaster Relief Coordinator, Joshua Varab, to travel to Guatemala City and respond to this disaster Wednesday, June 6th.

We had the priveledge to meet and connect with several ministries and churches working to help victims suffering from Vulcan de Fuego's eruption. We worked alongside them for several days, helping to assess the needs of families and provide life saving resources to those in need.

Because of your generous donations, we are proud to announce new partnerships with four new ministries working to help victims in Guatemala! These include Union Church of Guatemala, Guatemala Evangelistic Medical Servants (G.E.M.S.), Love Guatemala, and Ministerios Luz y Vida. Each one of these ministries and individuals are doing amazing work to help victims right now.

Your donations are already hard at work! Our partners have been supplying bunk beds, living supplies, and shelter assistance to those displaced by the volcano. They have also been working in the villages to help restore and rebuild houses, working directly in the refugee settlement clinics, and meeting with local and national government officials to meet the needs of the people!

This is our friend, Olga. We spent time with her this week as she shared her heartbreaking story of losing her home and 20 of her relatives to Vulcan de Feugo’a destruction.

Her child, Genesis is only 18 days old, and 4 of her relatives have yet to be found. She now lives in a refugee camp in Escuintla, with little items left. Her story is one of hundreds facing loss and tragedy from what happened last Sunday afternoon. We have spent time in two refugee locating in Escuintla and San Juan Alotenango, both close to the volcano. We sat down with many families and recording their stories of loss and grief. Thousands have nothing left, and no homes to return to once the recovery has begun.

Thousands have been affected, and we are continuing to work to bring hope and healing to these people. Please consider joining us by visiting our donate page and giving just $5.00 to help victims today.


World Compassion Network

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