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Does Going on a Mission Trip Change You?

Meet Bob Hartsough. Bob is a WCN partner and team member who loves the Lord and has a passion for serving others.

"It is hard to define the impact of this trip to Honduras on my life, but I would call it an awakening. While I felt I knew what we would encounter before arriving and I know God was urging me to be here-what I didn’t fully understand is how attached to our team and the Honduran people

I would become. The grace, joy, and passion that they lived everyday while we were with them were all Spirit filled moments and because He is irresistible they too are the same. I am tired of standing on the sidelines.

Because WCN has been doing missions work/outreach for so long-they have anticipated everything we needed and provided the support personnel critical to making our time with the Honduran people a success for the ministry. WCN allowed us to focus on God and the Honduran people. Thank you so much for what you do."

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