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The Reinholt Family Truckster

After many years of serving them as vacation transportation, Scott and Lisa Reinholt donated their van to World Compassion Network in 2005. The van served in her youth as the Reinholt family traveled all over the US on vacation and then finished out her career in disaster relief.

She served hurricanes Katrina, Ike, Ivan, Irene, Rita, and Sandy are just a few. Also served in tornado relief all across the Midwest and South. Floods also interrupted her sleep on several occasions. Not to mention making many trips to airports to deliver and pick up mission teams over the years.

Because the cost of upkeep became too much we were forced to sell the van. We now need another van to put into service. We are open to another donation if God speaks to you about this matter. Look what happened when the Family Truckster was taken from personal service and put into ministry.

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