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2019 Three Tiered Plan - Missions

World Compassion Network's Mission's program has always been anchored on one central goal of sharing the love of Christ and empowering the local church. We understand that as an organization we only have limited time in the areas we serve so we choose to work through the local church. Why? Because the local churches and pastors we partner with are a consistent shepherding force in their communities all year long.

When WCN chooses to pour resources and efforts through local pastors, it provides the church with powerful evangelism opportunities and connections. The people see the local church reaching out in love to help meet their needs. This act of compassion opens their hearts to the gospel we so desperately want them to hear. Relationships are developed and lives are changed. We have watched this approach transform communities year after year and it is beautiful.

We are currently laying out a three tiered plan for 2019. This plan is particularly exciting for us as it will focused around the ministry of our dear friend

Arqui and his wife Minda.

Arqui has been WCN's logistics coordinator for the past decade and has been pastoring a churches and small groups in multiple locations for past two years. As we have watched Arqui grow in the Spirit we have chosen to do all we can to help make his dream of building a church come true. He currently rents out space for his congregation each week, but transportation to and from villages to the church has been a challenge. This summer WCN took steps to get Arqui's ministry officially registered which will allow us to make a land purchase for the new church building site. This will also allow us to purchase a bus for the ministry and hopefully start building the new church by late spring. Arqui's ministry has touch so many lives, both Honduran and North American. To give his ministry a home and watch how it effects the surrounding communities will be an incredible blessing that we can all take part in. We ask for your prayers and support as we take this step of faith to spread the love of God throughout Honduras. We will have more information and details in the coming months.

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