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Midwest Flooding Relief

Many people are aware of the significant multi-state flooding in the Midwest- flooding occurring because of rain melting snow and ice. Many rivers and tributaries are flooding- especially in Nebraska and Iowa. WCN recently responded to flooding along the Missouri River by assisting Calvary Christian Church near the Nebraska-Iowa border. Multiple sites of Calvary Church are reaching out to victims on both sides of the river.

WCN delivered over 8,000 lbs of nonperishable food, flood clean-up kits, diapers, hygiene products and bottled water to Calvary Church in Glenwood, IA. This site is ministering to people indefinitely displaced from their homes in the nearby town of Pacific Junction that was completely under water. One week after the flooding began water is still as high as the roof gutters on homes. Moreover, the flooding also destroyed the Glenwood water treatment plant where residents could potentially run out of water. We appreciate our donors who make responses to tragedies such as this possible. Thank you!

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