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Fires in CA

Many fires have been raging recently in central, southern, and northern California. Very dry conditions and fierce winds are resulting in new fires and rapidly spreading fires. The Kincade Fire in Sonoma County in northern California has burned over 75,000 acres and is currently only 45% contained. 266 structures have been destroyed so far including 133 homes; about 156,000 people are still under evacuation orders.

A trusted faith-based partner of WCN is Hope Crisis Response Network (HCRN). They have been on the ground in Sonoma County responding and providing relief to victims through a large number of church partners in the area. They are skilled in getting the right resources to the right people in the right places. WCN is financially supporting HCRN in their relief efforts and with prayer. Relief efforts will take a long time, and many people are suffering from the trauma of this current fire and from fires two years ago.

Please consider contributing to WCN so we can we support Hope Crisis Response Network in their ministry to victims of the fire. Working with and through Hope Crisis Response will allow us to TOGETHER reach more victims with the love of Jesus Christ than each organization working independently. Please pray for the victims, the first responders, the fire fighters and those providing relief. Thank you.

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