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Cambodia - Flash Flooding

In the midst of political turmoil in the USA, the pandemic and multiple hurricanes along the gulf coast, news comes to us about another disaster halfway around the world. In the country of Cambodia, 60,000 homes, over half a million acres have been flooded affecting 250,000 people. 24 people have died and tens of thousands forced to flee their homes, because of prolonged heavy rains made worse by a tropical storm. Nearly 8,000 families have been evacuated.

Since 1978 WCN has had a long relationship with Cambodia when our founder, Joe Wilkey, began working there on relief projects and developed a long standing relationship with Dr. Moses Samol Seth of Agape International Missions and University. Through Dr. Moses we have responded to several disasters in the country over the years. We also worked with him to build housing and schools for children rescued from sex trafficking in Cambodia.

Right now Cambodians are suffering greatly because of the disastrous flooding. WCN has committed to provide Dr. Moses with financial aid to help provide blankets, food, shelter, and other relief supplies. We are responding by faith and asking you to respond as God leads you to show the love of Jesus to flood victims through the churches in Cambodia. Thank you for your support.


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