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Lake Charles - Another Hurricane!

In August of this year Hurricane Laura decimated Lake Charles, Louisiana leaving almost no home untouched and sending residents to seek shelter across the state. In response to the hurricane, WCN made 3 separate trips to Lake Charles where we assessed the damage, brought relief supplies, ran a distribution center, and prayed with the victims. Six weeks later on October 5, 2020 Hurricane Delta slammed into Lake Charles destroying most of the progress that the city made in cleaning up after Laura. WCN will be assisting our partner Broken Yoke International Ministries (BYIM) financially because of their close proximity to Lake Charles. They will bring the necessary supplies to run a distribution center and work with victims to cleanup homes.

Please be praying for BYIM as they travel, and for those suffering a second disaster in Lake Charles in as many months. WCN is thankful to have partners to work with across the country as we can all continue to help each other in times of need.Please join WCN as we pray for a town that has been through a catastrophic last couple of weeks.


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