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Ukraine Refugee Help

World Compassion Network responded along with many other organizations to the recent war started by Russia invading Ukraine. A war that could be said to really have its origins back in 2014. WCN began its relief effort in Krakow Poland along with New Life Christian Church in Warsaw Indiana, and also connecting through Crisis Response International (CRI).

New Hope Church in Kraków has been housing overnight about 80 refugees a day from Ukraine. More than 650 refugees have been assisted in the first 14 days of the conflict. Victims are being provided shelter, food, supplies and medical care before being moved on to further safety and more permanent living accommodations. We have been helping load vans and trucks taking relief supplies across the Polish border to specific towns in Ukraine. Grace Church in Warsaw Poland is another connection assisting victims of the war with food, shelter, medicine and other basic needs. It is miraculous how the churches and people in Poland are so generously supporting the suffering Ukrainians during this time. Imagine standing in the winter weather at the border for sometimes up to two days waiting to cross the border- no shelter, little or no food, and crushing uncertainty about the next day. Families are being separated and children are being traumatized. All of this suffering reinforces the senselessness of this war. We serve a great God, however, Who will pull people through this tragedy. It is a privilege for all of us together to show the love of Jesus Christ to a suffering world. Thank you for your prayers and financial support for the suffering people of Ukraine. Help them have hope while fighting for their freedom.


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