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Interview with Ukrainian Family

On Saturday, March 12th we spent time talking face-to-face with a Ukrainian family. The family of four fled Kiev Ukraine on February 24th when the bombing and shelling of the city began. They fled with nothing more than their personal documentation and backpacks – leaving behind everything they own. Moreover, a nearby fuel depot exploded from the shelling, making the air very toxic and hastening their need to leave. After being stuck in terrible traffic going out of Kiev, they drove to a family farm and stayed there for three days.

After leaving the family farm they began their journey west to Lviv. Because of the severe scarcity and rationing of fuel, it is a miracle that they supernaturally had enough gas to get to Lviv. The family lived in their car for two days without eating or sleeping. Even in Lviv they had to be avoid the threat of shelling and bombing. People from Poland called the family and offered to help them get to the border.

The mother and daughter went on to Poland arriving there with help by March 3rd. The father and son had to use a different route. They crossed the borders of Moldova, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, and then Poland to get out of Ukraine. Finally, on March 9th they were able to re-join the mother and daughter. With miraculous help from some Jewish people at the border, the father and son had made it to safety. Currently, the family is temporarily sharing one room at a friend's house in Poland. They are faithfully praying to and waiting on God to tell them what His next steps are for them. The father is an evangelist with a healing ministry- especially for people with hearing loss. Their story is an incredible journey of faith; this isn't the first time they left everything behind. They left everything behind in eastern Ukraine in 2014 when the never ending conflict with the Russians began. The family fled to Kiev to escape the war at that time. The entire life story of this family is a testimony of what can happen when walking in faith and being completely dependent upon God for survival!


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